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loved it

I want to start by saying that the music was excellent. Very intellegent arranging. I could of known the story even without watching the movie. The music told it all. The flash animation was excellent to by the way. Excellent job, i have nothing bad to say about this moive at all which is rare. keep it up and i wouldnt mind seeing and hearing more from you.

I am very impressed

I must say i rarly RARLY give out 5's and 10's but this is a very special occasion. You my friend are a very intellegent and gifted animator. I am a very honest person when it comes to voting and reviewing flash so i want you to feel my honesty. This is going under one of my all time favorites for sure. I hope you are going to school for somthing in the lines of animation because its you'r true calling. So as far as the video its self goes it was perfect in my eyes, because there is truly nothing such as perfect in reality; i will say this is perfect in my own eyes.

very good job and i am really looking forward to seeing more of your flash.

your going on my favs list : )


i never really watched the rest of the serious but it looks ok to me.

Mechabloby responds:

You should watch them all. :)


first of all... i like random lol. it could of used some color i think but it was kinda cool the way it was. gj

Bodie responds:

Thanks :), yeah like i said to the previous reviewer, its just kinda the style i stick to with these toons.


i just... dont... understand... my head hurts

Beyond-Insanity-666 responds:

That's how my head feels all the time =D

Very cool

Nice... this is my all time favorite book. im glad u did a flash on it. i just hope u make the rest of the book. gj

Nice dude

Mostly i like this flash for the song (nightwish is f'n bad dude) there one of my favorit bands and i thought that you did a good job making a video to go along with the song. Buff all them people who are to sensitive about there religion to watch a stupid flash movie.

omg lol

that truly truly was the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life. I dont know how you came up with that idea but it is going at #1 on my favorits list. good job!


i bet youll get better as you get older..
and maybe youll grow out of rap to because rap sucks.
anyway good job.


hehe... that was funny.

Life is fucking metal!

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