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that was funny

I like that movie belive it or not. I though it was kind of cool. A game but not... im downloading the game of these guys it looked cool to me.

nice graphics

I can see you spent some time on this one. I love the graphics on this and it was pretty funny to boot. keep up the good work.

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that was cool

That was a cool little flash. I like how well... it gives the news about new grounds. Thats why its sooo cool:) keep it up.. it was cool.


That was some hardcore shit man, good job. I gave me the whole i wana punch someone in the face feeling, lol. keep up the good work.

funny as hell

Dude you guys got sick minds... and i love it! That was some of the funniest shit i have seen in a while. It was to short though, it would of been better if there was more jokes and stuff in it. keep up the good work.

holy krapa

ummm.... i think i just shit my pants. That was the scaryist shit i have ever seen on ng ever. Also that is one of the most well dont flash's i have seen i a long long time. I definetly give it a 10 and i never give tens. Im puting this guy im my fav artists list just for this. keep up the good work.

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but hes blind!

Hey that was funny and... funny. That was cool, but i would put it in the average section in flash history, sorry. But keep up the good work, im shur you will only get better.

TurkeySandwich responds:

dont be sorry. here at lamesauce productions(my basememt) we strive for the latest in mediocracy


I liked it but i think you could of done better. It was kind of lazy so thats why i didint give that great of scores. If you improved the graphics a little and the sound, also get the sound to mix with the movie a little, i think it could get front. keep up the work.


Well thats what those porn attics get lol. That was really cool and interesting. This movie shows that porn sells, haha. keep up the good work.

i think i like it

That was for real one of the coolest stick flash's i have seen in a while. The music was really the thing that caught my attention. It was different then what anyone else dose so i give credit where credit is due. keep up the good work.

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