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cool short

I like it but i cant give to a great score for being stick animated. Also i would like it to be longer but it was still cool. Anyway keep up the good work.


I kind of liked it.. the background music was starting to anoy me though. You should make funnier sounding music with it. overall it was funny. keep up the good work.

Lil-ry responds:

Cheers, yeah, i know, the music sometimes pisses me off too, lol. i may try to find some new music, but I don't really know what to look for.

that was interesting

hehehe.... that was pretty funny dude. It would of been better if you didint use sticks but it was good anyway. Maybe you should of made it a little bit longer too, that wouldint of hurt. Anyway good job keep makin um.

pretty cool

That wasint bad for you first serious flash. Thats better then i can do so nice job on that. It was kind of boring though. It would be nice if you put in a little violence or humor. You know something to get people into watching it. Anyway good job keep up the good work.


I see what you were going for but... it just didint work out. Sorry but i though it was kind of dumb. Im shur you could do better next time so just keep trying.

gay to cool

Ill tell you this, i was about ready to stop the movie and start writnig the hate review (which i rarely do). I was thinking what was gayer that flash where the people were saying they were gay or this. But when that guy got hit by the car... I said "ahhhh fuking awesome!", so nice. Oh yeah what was with there heads, you should fix that. keep up the work.

Gayishly cool!

Wow... where the hell did you get an idea like that? Well where you got it is your biz. Anyway i liked it alot because it was a little different and you didint mind affending a couple of people. Thats the way it should be. keep up the good work.

wallpaperman responds:

i can't see it affending anyone, but thanks anyway

My favorit

I have watched this like every week sence i have been a ng fan, which is a long time. This is hands down my favorit flash. Thank you for making such a great movie. Keep up the great work man!

UMmmm no.

Ok first off i would !DO! coke over drinking pepsi. coke( the drink ) is alot better then pepsi. Secondly where the hell was he geting all those drugs from? I do like the movie though i was pretty cool. keep up the good work.

really cool

It is cool and it proves a point, i like it! If you would of made it a bit longer i would of said front page material. But anyway its a cool flash. keep up the work.

Life is fucking metal!

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