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sticks again

Well i like to blam stick flash's but ill make an exeption for this one. Keep up the good work.

CrazyAguy responds:

Thankyou, oh, and I should say to anyone else, if you hate sticks movies then you probably shouldn't watch this, but you'd be missing out.


I can see that this is one of those flash movies that get there influence from doing acid. Keep up the work.

gayishly funny

Well that was gay and funny at the same time. It was funny gay, haha gay not gay gay. But it was a little gay gay GAY if you know what i mean. keep up the good work.


This was a cool movie. i liked it alot, good graphics and sound and so.. keep up the good work.


That was funny as hell, i didint know icecream machines could do that lol. Anyway it was a real creativ and funny movie and i hope that you make more like it. keep up the good work.

ninja style

I liked the whole ninja thing that was cool. This movie just caught me attention right away, just because it look real goofy. keep up the good work, that sucks you left us hanging at the end there i wanted to see him kick his ass lol.


Well that was some sick shit, lol. That was really sick and funny at the same time. The graphics were ok and the sound was cool to. So just keep up the good work.

That was wierd

This movie was really really weird... But i also liked it alot, it was funny as hell. The computer voice thing got on my nerves though, so if next time you can not do that it would be great. Anyway, keep up the good work.

biblo responds:

Thanks very much. And also, you spelt weird right. Few people do that!!

That was cool

Well That looked really cool for a second. But that movie was just way to short. Anyway good job on everything else it looked cool but try to make a fight scene next time. keep up the good work.

i like it

Well i think it is a cool flash. Theres a pretty funny movie with a little game in it. keep up the good work.

Daagah responds:

thank you

Life is fucking metal!

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