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UMmmm no.

Ok first off i would !DO! coke over drinking pepsi. coke( the drink ) is alot better then pepsi. Secondly where the hell was he geting all those drugs from? I do like the movie though i was pretty cool. keep up the good work.

really cool

It is cool and it proves a point, i like it! If you would of made it a bit longer i would of said front page material. But anyway its a cool flash. keep up the work.

Kind of lazy

Well i can really tell that you were really lazy on the background. I would of been 10x better if you would of drew a background. That was kind of cheezy of you. I like the art on the characters so that was cool. I like that you did voice over with the words. so i gave you some points in style for that. keep up the good work.

i dig the D!

Dude i fukin love tenacious D! thank you for making that it was really cool. I like the graphics but i anoyd me that the mouths did not move with the words. I mean im not the best flash artist in the world but if your going to do something with the D make it fit ok. I was awesome though keep up the work!

I like violence!

The reason i like this so much is the violence. I really like this flash and everything but dude, its been said before... the stick thing is kind of getting played out man. but keep up the good work.

Its a cool idea

I like the idea of this toon. I think you should start a series out of it. I would sugjest making better graphics though. Keep up the good work.


The reason i liked this is because you went for a whole different style of humor. I like that alot so i gave u a ten on style. The movie was real creepy like to, so i had to watch it with a friend so i wouldint get scared lol j/k. keep up the work ok!

The old repeat the same line gig.. hehe

I liked it to tell you the truth. I see you took your time trying to get the graphics to look just like dbz so i give you credit for that. Sound was a little chopy though. good job though keep up the good work.

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pretty funny

Dude that was pretty funny... you need to speed things up though, it was to slow. Make it a little longer because you left me hangin with the to be continued. funny though keep up the work.

Life is fucking metal!

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