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funny vid man! I have seen this situation transpose in real life lol.

thumbs up if RWJ brought you here!

i remember

i remember reading that book when i was a child... but i dont think the ending went like that. :( hey maybe i could of had the edited version :p

hey... pssssssst

buddy... i found the secret message. dont worry i wont tell anyone and its ok if you act like you dont know what im talking about. :)

truely halarious

i havnt seen anything in a while that actually made me laugh like that. the thing is that it wasnt just some random bullshit bad quality cheap laugh. it was a well written well voice acted well drawn sketch. thats pro SNL writing right there lol.

good movie guys.

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sirjeffofshort responds:

Thanks man, if there's one thing we pride ourselves on it's our writing, so I'm glad to know you enjoyed it. Thanks for the huge compliment and for the review.

15.25 and a drink of your choice!

i love ur stuff. you can never put these movies out fast enough. i could watch you to battle it out in cartoon form all day.

that was awesome and stupendious!

i thought it was pretty damn good. i cant wait for the next one.


wow nice. that gave me a good chuckle

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Fuckin good job my brother! 10/10 5/5

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the baby was my favorit!

finally a good rip on FF12. yeah i hated that fucker Vann... he was a poser lol. Anyways the animation was good, the characters were good, the punch lines were good, and what there was of a story line was good.

i could sit back and watch these guys bullshit and argue for hours. It wasnt even that you rippd on FF12 (which was funny in its self) but the fact that the characters where just so funny.

im going to favorite this and vote 5 every day for the rest of my life (or atleast untill i forget). im going to check out your other stuff... i hope it is just as good.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Hey, all the work is appreciated, Meaty. Quite truely. Really glad to see you liking the chemistry between the brothers as much as you do. Yay for that. Thanks for the compliments!

Life is fucking metal!

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